I began making miniature bears about 15 years ago and I thoroughly enjoy watching them 'come to life'. I design as well as hand sew all my mini creations. Each little bear is made in the same traditional manner as a big bear; stitched, turned, and stuffed. Then string jointed for gentle posing.

Welcome to my little nook!

People often ask how long one takes to make. It varies a bit and is difficult to time perfectly. I would say about 10 hours (not including breaks). Each bear is not complete until they've had a 'hug'. My children love to volunteer for this role (with clean hands of course!). Then into the cabinet they go, where they keep each other company as they await adoption.

When I'm not working on a mini bear, I can usually be found dabbling in some other creative pursuit. I took up bobbin lace at the beginning of 2014 and love seeing where I can use it.  Anything bear or plush related ends up in my VonneBears shop, while the  other pretty bits and pieces I enjoy making can be found in my Bonnee Brown store.   

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All bears, friends and relations, and their images - Copyright, Evonne Carr.